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How To Cook A Pizza Other Than In The Oven?

If you easily combine pizza with a wood-burning oven, or even an electric oven, it is quite possible to cook a pizza differently. All you need is a sufficient heat source and the right equipment, and you can prepare and enjoy good pizzas. Whether it’s already ready – and therefore only to be reheated – or totally homemade, your next pan, plancha or barbecue pizza should delight you.

How to cook pizza other than?

You don’t have an oven but still want to eat a good pizza? Don’t panic, it is possible to cook pizza without an oven! We explain how to properly use the heat sources at your disposal – barbecue, plancha or non-stick pan – to obtain a puffed and crispy dough topped with delicious grilled ingredients and melted cheese. If the wood-fired oven remains the best way to cook a pizza, do not deprive yourself of this dish if you are not equipped.

Bake a pizza in the pan

We could explain to you how to make a pizza in the microwave, but that would be cheating, because although popular and very widespread even among those who do not have a traditional oven, this device is indeed a kind of oven. On the other hand, cooking a pizza in a pan is much more original.

If you’ve taken the time to make a good homemade pizza dough, all you have to do is garnish and bake. For this, you will only need two things: a non-stick pan and a good baking sheet . The choice of material is important, to have sufficient power to swell the dough, which will be the case with quality plates. They can be found at low prices at Electro Dépôt, guaranteed for 2 years and payable in several installments. As for the pan, choose models that do not attach, so as not to see your preparation disintegrate before your eyes.

Make circles around the surface of your pan and oil the bottom , before heating the pan. When it is hot, place the pizza dough (virgin) in the bottom and cook for about 10 minutes over medium heat, with a lid, checking that it does not stick. When it has inflated, turn it over and place the intended filling. When the cheese is melted and the dough is crisp , it’s ready.

Pizza and barbecue, a summer solution

Barbecue enthusiasts have certainly asked themselves this question: what if I cook a pizza on the grill? But few dare to attempt the adventure, for fear that it will be a failure. However, without an oven, the barbecue is a viable alternative for cooking pizza. It is even a method that gives a delicious grilled flavor to the pizza, thanks to the charcoal, reminiscent of cooking in a wood oven !

For this to be effective, you need a barbecue with a lid or a brick barbecue , which will be able to retain the heat and thus allow the garnish to cook. Otherwise, with a traditional barbecue, only the underside of the dough risks cooking.

If you are worried about placing the pizza directly on the grill, as you would with a piece of meat, you can use a baking sheet or pizza stone to stabilize it. With a thin dough, it works best, for quick cooking.

barbecue pizza

Pizza a la plancha: why not?

If you have a fairly powerful plancha (electric or gas) capable of swelling the dough of your favorite dish, then you can opt for this method to cook your pizzas at home.

Above all, do not place your pizza directly on the plate, otherwise the house will smoke and your preparation will burn. It should be placed beforehand on a pizza stone or on a ceramic plate, after having garnished it with your favorite ingredients. Cover it with a bell to harmonize the cooking and wait about 15 minutes. When the cheese is melted and the dough is golden brown, you can cut it and serve it!

The plancha remains a less practical solution than cooking in a pan and less tasty than barbecue pizza, which is only recommended as a last resort. But it’s always better than going without pizza!

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